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Prayer for Poland
19 May 2009
The Prayer for Poland and Warsaw is an event born from a God-given inspiration.

The main idea of this endeavor is a gathering of believers, in the goal of entering into effective prayer for Poland and Warsaw. This is according to the letter of James 5:16 stating, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (NASB).

The goal of this prayer is to enforce the spiritual power given to the Church of Christ over Poland and Warsaw to establish God’s plans in our country.
All restrictions and barriers must be removed when the people of God raise their voices in prayer. The time has come to prophetically declare God’s reign in Warsaw and Poland.

We believe that God wants to release a powerful wave of prayer that will open a way to the awakening and reformation in Poland and other European countries.
Prayer, that will be comparable in terms of intensity with the intensity of the prayer lifted up by the first Church.

We think that, in a time of bewilderment in a political scene; lack of perspective for the young people, and social problems, God is calling believers to take responsibility in prayer for our town and our country.
We believe that Poland can enter a new blessed era in its development. For this, Christians must see with their eyes of faith and not stumble, united in strong and offensive prayer for the realization of God’s desires concerning our nation.
Especially today, our country needs prayer brought by believers conscious of its spiritual power.
Ones that in the power of the Holy Spirit will declare the Word of God over every single realm of social life in Poland.
An important part of these meetings is praise and worship full of glory and victory.  
We believe that such a kind of worship is God’s weapon for breaking through into a spiritual atmosphere, liberating the power for change.

In our meetings we pray for:
·    A breakthrough in stagnation in the political and economical life of our country,
·    Vision and boldness for the state and Warsaw’s government to undertake breakthrough reforms,
·    Church expansion into society – breaking through developmental barriers,
·    Believers’ expansion in all spheres of activities (business, music, media).

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (NKJV)

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